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    Latest News     New Products in The Lists : Excelsior, UK

New Products in The Lists : Excelsior, UK

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Biological Indicators and Inoculated Carriers

Excelsior Scientific offers the industry’s most complete line of Biological Indicators (BI) designed to meet the ANSI/AAMI/ISO/EN 11138 standards.
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We strive to maintain available inventory of the outlined product codes. Please inquire to confirm availability and/or lead time. Population levels other than those outlined are available; please inquire for pricing and lead time.

Only minimal training is required to use Excelsior Biological Indicators. Following sterilisation, spore strips or discsare cultured in Soybean-Casein Digest Broth (SCDB) following typical Pharmacopoeia standards. Our self-contained biological indicators (SCBI) and spore ampoules may be immediately activated by the user and then incubated for quick results.

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