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Gel Documentation System NuGENIUS

Brands : SYNGENE

NuGenius is the ultimate in compact gel documentation workstations. Using a choice of UV, blue or white lighting options you can capture and edit images of fluorescent ethidium bromide, SYBR® Safe or GelGreenTM DNA gels and protein gels stained with Coomassie Blue at the workstation. You can even capture stain-free gel images using a NuGenius+ which is specially optimised for this application.

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Model : NuGENIUS
Description : NuGenius Gel Documentation System (*PC not included). Components consists of: 1. 5 million pixels CCD camera 2. Built in 7 inch touch screen interface 3. UV transilluminator, 20 x 24cm viewing area 4. Visible light converter 5. Blue light converter 6. GeneTools analysis software
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Available RM 37,800.00
5 M pixel CCD camera.
f1.2 motor driven zoom lens.
Built in 7 inch touch screen interface.
Include Visible Light Converter.
Include Blue Light Converter.
Unlimited licensed Gene Tools Analysis software.
Complete networking connectivity (optional).
UV transilluminator, Maximum viewing area of 20 x 24cm.

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