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50 Liters Autoclave With Automatic Lid Operation


New-generation autoclave that features the advanced function and the enhanced user-friendliness as well as the automated lid operation system.

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Model : HG 50 II
Description : 50 liters, Automatic Lid, PT-100 ohm build-in sensor
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Available RM 36,625.00
Capable of opening or closing the lid with one switch.
The safety interlock system is capable of locking the lid by detecting both pressure and temperature of the chamber operates when an operation stops in the course of the cycle as well as during sterilization.
The electromechanical lid operation system can open, shut and lock the lid automatically.
Double sensing system for air removal and the air removal time can be freely set.
High water alarm for the drain bottle.
The memory function which can save 3 kinds of settings for each cycle is provided.
The forced air cooling system can reduce the cooling time.
The vapor condensing system improves working environment.

* JKKP Approved*

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Mylabs © 2019 powered by Lagenz Success | All Rights Reserved