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Pen Refractometer

Brands : ATAGO

Consistency is the key for a quality product. Refractive index monitoring has been plays a crucial role in quality control. The Brix scale is a popular scale derived from the refractive index of a solution to ease the reading. Refractometer generally features one of these two scales. ATAGO has been the leader in refractometer technology for over 73 years. Atago Brix concentration refractometers enable anyone to perform consistent accurate measurements with ease. Other than Brix, they are researching the unique needs in the market and developing new and innovative products to meet these demands. You say it, Atago have it.

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Model : Pen-Pro
Description : Pen Refractometer, 0.0-85.0% Brix, Continuous Reading, ATC & IP65
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Available RM 2,487.50
Quick sample measurement by Touch, Dip, Direct and Stir!

- Extremely easy operating.
- Fast measurement.
- Suitable for non-homogenous samples.
- Easy continuous measurement.
- Extremely water resistance (IP65).
- External light interference.
- Automatic temperature compensation (ATC).
- Light and compact.

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